Busy Month

March as been a very busy month working on projects for Advanced Technology Group, Ed Carpenter Studio, happylucky, GBD Architects, Reveal Architecture, Surround Architecture and Ted Grund Design. Project types were refreshingly varied; clean room, sculpture, retail fixtures, sports car, secondary school building, apartment building and commercial office space. Hoping that next month will continue the trend.


Another great article about YU. Getting to know YU, Portland's new contemporary art center

by Brian Libby

"For the last several years the Yale Union Laundry building at 800 SE 10th Avenue, a striking brick Italian Renaissance space built in 1908 and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, has sat empty. But now, it is poised to become the major contemporary art center Portland has more or less lacked since the closing of the Portland Center for the Visual Arts closed in 1987."

YU: Ambition and mystery surround a new post-millennial arts center

D.K. Row, The Oregonian "From the moment potential donors and other arts followers curious about new contemporary art center YU walked into Tuesday's soft launch party, they were treated to a series of choreographed movements: Expertly crafted invitations and press material. Free flowing wine and gorgeously made food. Well-attired and well-mannered docents offering witty, informative tours. And, finally, a presentation by the founding members that included a short pep talk by Portland Mayor Sam Adams."

Read entire article: Oregon Live


Refreshingly busy week working on projects for adidas, ESPN, Hasson, Lane Community College and Population 2. Next week looks to be promising. Hoping the economic thaw continues.

YU contemporary art center goes public

"The unveiling of the YU contemporary art center on November 2 in Portland felt both energizing and overly familiar. On the positive side an LLC holding company already owns the building and (according to YU founders Curtis Knapp and Aaron Flint Jamison) seeks to transfer ownership of the former Yale Union Laundry building to YU (acronym for Yale Union) a 501(c)3 non profit arts institution as the project gets underway. Located in the inner SE industrial district YU is in an ideal location. The team has already donated and carried out a feasibility study by BOORA, which requires 5-7,000,000 for build out and seismic upgrades (though 10-$20,000,000 seems much more prudent for endowing the programs). Yu already has some finished renovations like the impressive kitchen for major events." Read entire article: Port


"Last night, Portland’s arts community was introduced to YU, the embryo of a new contemporary arts institution on Portland’s inner eastside. As the cars lined up around the block to drop ballots at the Elections office on Morrison and 11th, several hundred Portland dealers, collectors and patrons, artists, staff from various arts institutions, the Mayor, and media gathered in the former Yale Union Laundry, a beautiful, expansive brick building at 800 SE 10th." Read entire article: Ultra PDX

Portland's YU Building Is On Its Way

posted by JASON BAXTER on WED, NOV 3, 2010 at 11:45 AM Portlandart.net has a teenie-tiny piece on Portland's YU Building (the "YU" is for "Yale Union Laundry"), which is on its way to becoming a gigantic, dope-ass art space. I guess the building is still owned by an LLC, but the plan is to turn over ownership of the massive, multi-story warehouse to the YU pro-arts non-prof. Last night they held their first public event.

Read entire article: Line Out